Meta initially refused to remove an Instagram post featuring Squidward dispensing denialist “Fun Facts About The Holocaust.” Meta’s Oversight Board, the Supreme Court-like entity tasked with reviewing Facebook and Instagram’s most contentious content moderation conundrums, is taking on a case involving a bizarre and unpleasant mashup: a Nazi Squidward meme. In a blog post this week, the Oversight Board said it was looking into a since-removed meme posted in September 2020 meme depicting Squidward—the curmudgeonly Squid-man from Spongebob Squarepants—denying the Holocaust. The meme, posted by an unknown user with around 9,000 followers, showed Squidward next to a speech bubble reading “Fun Facts About The Holocaust.” This appears to be a play on the popular “Fun Facts With Squidward,” meme template, albeit with a heaping dose of vitriolic neo-Nazi idiocy.

via gizmodo: Meta’s Supreme Court Is Investigating a Nazi Squidward Meme on Instagram

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