A Montreal neo-Nazi who authored articles in a far-right publication under the pseudonym “Charles Zeiger” was found guilty of a single count of hate speech by Quebec’s criminal court Monday. The case hinged on a single article for a far-right online publication, the Daily Stormer, written in 2017, which Gabriel Sohier-Chaput, 36, claimed was satire. Using antisemitic memes and editorial comments, the article entitled “Canada: Nazis Trigger Jews By Putting Up Posters On Ch–k Church,” celebrated neo-Nazi posters pasted on a bus stop in British Columbia. It also mocked a Holocaust survivor who had been interviewed about the incident, calling him an “oven-dodger,” and called for “non-stop Nazism, everywhere, until the very streets are flooded with the tears of our enemies.” Quebec court Judge Manlio Del Negro called Sohier-Chaput “extremely dangerous to the public” and ordered he be handcuffed immediately.

via cbc: Montreal neo-Nazi found guilty of promoting hatred

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