Russian forces are using a vicious bombing strategy to target rescue workers in Ukraine, according to multiple reports. Putin’s troops have fired on the same target moments apart, catching rescue crews helping survivors in the second attack. Russia was accused of carrying out these ‘double tap’ attacks during the Syrian Civil War.  Russian forces are bombing the same targets just moments apart to try and kill Ukrainian rescue crews that arrive to save survivors, according to multiple reports. In two months of war, several ‘double-tap’ attacks have been reported in the bombarded northeast Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.  (…) The double-tap strategy is not new to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s playbook, either.  Russia was accused multiple times in recent years of launching double-tap attacks during the Syrian Civil War, killing scores of civilians and rescuers.  The OSCE has said the vicious attacks are a violation of international law. It’s not immediately clear if double-tap strikes have occurred in other cities around Ukraine.

via businessinsider: Russia is bombing the same targets moments apart to kill Ukrainian rescue crews that arrive to save survivors

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