The training sessions took place on a pitch at the Rennbahn sports facility in Berlin, Germany. A neo-Nazi fight club has been discovered operating at a sports centre in Berlin, Germany. The training sessions took place at an outdoor football pitch at the Rennbahn sports facility in the area of Weissensee in Berlin, and took place without permission from local authorities. Several of the attendees were dressed in T-shirts emblazoned with the inscription “Kampf der Nibelungen,” a one of the most prominent far-right combat sports promotions in Europe. (…) The far-right fight club’s website, which has since removed all extremist references, is now limited to an online clothing store that sells t-shirts for men and women. Though that means the official information of KdN’s activities is sorely lacking, there are several detailed reports that help explain the organization’s strategic growth and the influence they wield. Fighters from across Russia, France, Switzerland, and Scandinavia participated in the events, many of whom were handpicked by the organizers, while others are selected from fellow neo-Nazi fight clubs or promotions across Europe. KDN was reportedly founded by members of the “Hammerskins,” a self-proclaimed group of “elite” neo-nazi skinheads. KdN is also affiliated with notorious figures such as Robin Schmiemann, a neo-Nazi who co-founded the right-wing extremist network Combat 18, an extremist group that emerged from the British skinhead street-fighting scene that became the armed wing of the infamous neo-Nazi network Blood & Honor.

via bloodyelbow: Neo-Nazi MMA fight club found operating at sports facility in Germany

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