FBI agents interviewed suspect Brandon Hole last year after his mother raised concerns her son might commit “suicide by cop”. A teenager who shot dead eight people at a FedEx building in Indianapolis legally bought two assault rifles just months after police confiscated a gun from him, detectives have said. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has identified former FedEx employee Brandon Scott Hole as the attacker behind Thursday’s mass shooting, which saw four members of the Sikh community killed. Hole, 19, was found in possession of two assault rifles after killing himself at the scene. (…) He did not elaborate on what they were but a police report obtained by the Associated Press shows that officers seized a pump-action shotgun. Mr Keenan said the gun was never returned to Hole and that agents did not identify him as a criminal or someone being motivated by a racial ideology.

via sky: Indianapolis shooting: Gunman bought two assault rifles after police confiscated his shotgun

ArmaLite AR-15 Left Side SPAR3240 DEC. 17. 2004.png
By Unknown author – ArmaLite AR-15 SPAR Left Side 3240 DEC. 17. 2004. Springfield Armory National Historic Site Archives, United States National Park Service, Public Domain, Link

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