Replicas of vehicles used by Hitler’s genocidal regime, driven by “two German high officers” pulled from sale after apology from manufacturer. A toy company has apologised for selling items with Nazi symbols and “likenesses of two German high officers”. Replicas of vehicles used by the Third Reich were pulled from sale this week by Polish firm COBI Toys. In a statement posted by the Toybook website, COBI’s owner Robert Podles apologised, saying: “A recent set of ours was posted on our social media sites and featured the names and likenesses of two German high officers. This was a first for us and will be the last.” The items included Mercedes cars used by the Nazis, replete with swastikas, and mini-figurines of Wehrmacht leader Field Marshal Paulus, as well as German Admiral and Chief of the military intelligence, Wilhelm Franz Canaris. According to Toybook, one product listing “notes Adolf Hitler’s affection for the vehicle”.

via jewishnews: Nazi toy cars for kids aged over six withdrawn following outcry