The Pentagon has conducted almost 4,000 drug tests for acid since this summer. America’s 2nd Marine Division loves to trip balls. The 20,000 Marine strong division is garrisoned at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina and many of its members have been caught taking LSD. It’s such a problem that the Marine Corps has begun to randomly test for the drug and publicly announced a crackdown on people taking it. “We have a drug problem in the 2nd Marine Division,” Major General Francis L. Donovan, commanding general of 2d Marine Division, said in a press release last week. “We are changing the way in which we test for illegal substances.” Sailors, soldiers, airmen, and Marines are used to random drug tests but they’re not used to being tested for LSD. It’s a weird thing to test for. Most of the signs of LSD are obvious and the Pentagon typically wouldn’t require a test for it unless there was probable cause. But the Marines of 2nd Division love LSD so much that the Corps is changing its policy. According to a press release, the Marines have performed almost 4,000 LSD tests since the summer. LSD testing is so infrequent that the Marines had to partner with the Armed Forces Medical Examiner lab in Dover, Delaware to mass produce tests. “We are committed to identifying violators of our ethos,” Donovan said. “The vast majority of Marines within the 2d Marine Division routinely uphold our core values, and they deserve to know that the Marines to their left and right are doing the same.”

via vice: U.S. Marines Won’t Stop Taking LSD

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