A Jewish MP has doubled down on her view that sometimes it’s okay to kick Nazis. It all started Charlotte Nichols, the newly-elected Labour MP for Warrington North, tweeted in October saying that she hopes football fans in Glasgow who were making Nazi salutes get “their heads kicked in”. The tweet was sent before Nichols was an MP or parliamentary candidate. On election night, Nichols refused to apologise for the remark, saying: As a Jewish person whose grandfather fought in World War 2, ultimately sometimes I believe that fascism has to be physically confronted. Now Nichols has been asked about the remark again. Speaking on the BBC’s The Next Episode, she once again defended her “violent language”. She said: The idea that you would have in 2019 people doing fascist salutes on the streets of Britain desecrates the memory of every single person in our military who fought in world war two against fascism and desecrates the memory of all of the people around the world who have been murdered by fascists. Frankly this idea that I should apologise for saying that these people should be dealt with, you know I think sometimes fascism has to be physically confronted.

via indy100: Jewish MP praised for refusing to back down from saying it’s OK to ‘kick Nazis in the head’

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