Donald Trump’s views were revealed by his former chief of staff John Kelly. The Biden campaign seized on them to condemn the former president. ‘Donald Trump’s praise for Hitler is disgraceful but wholly unsurprising,’ it said  The Biden campaign on Tuesday slammed Donald Trump over a report that he privately praised Adolf Hitler, whose Nazi troops laid waste to Europe in World War Two and who led the Holocaust of six million Jews, for doing ‘good things.’ Multiple Trump White House insiders said the former president offered praise for other dictators including Russia’s Vladimir Putin, China’s Xi Jinping and North Korean despot Kim Jong Un. The Biden campaign sent out emails drawing attention to the claims.  ‘I think we speak for the vast majority of human beings on planet Earth when we say that Adolf Hitler did not — in fact – do “good things,”‘ said spokesperson Sarafina Chitika. ‘Donald Trump’s praise for Hitler is disgraceful but wholly unsurprising from the man who has parroted Nazi rhetoric on the campaign trail, called his political opponents “vermin,” and sucked up to dictators and authoritarians like Vladimir Putin, Viktor Orbán, Kim Jong Un, and the rest of the gang.

via daily mail: Biden campaign eviscerates Trump for the not ‘wholly surprising’ report he said Hitler did ‘good things’ and accuses him of ‘parroting Nazi rhetoric’

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