Nearly three months after two bodies were found on the side of a residential Maple Valley road, two white-supremacist prison gang members were charged in connection to the double murder. On Wednesday, King County prosecutors charged Joshua Jones, 34, with rendering criminal assistance in connection to the homicides of 57-year-old Robert Riley and 34-year-old Ashley Williams, who were identified by the King County medical examiner days after their bodies were discovered on Nov. 16. The bodies of Riley and Williams were uncovered near the Rock Creek Natural Area under trash and debris. Prosecutors charged Brandon Gerner, who turns 41 on Saturday, with first-degree murder, second-degree murder, unlawful possession of a firearm and first-degree animal cruelty as detectives “developed probable cause that he was responsible for the shooting and killing of a horse, ‘LeMon,’ that occurred in Pierce County on December 17th, 2023,” according to the King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO). This photo shows LeMon, a horse who died from a gunshot wound at around 12:30 a.m. on the early morning of Dec. 17, 2023. One of the suspects involved in the Maple Valley case has also been connected to the horse’s shooting death. (KOMO News) Jones was taken into custody on Feb. 7 in Seattle, and Gerner was taken into custody on Friday in Tacoma, the KCSO said. A third suspect was also identified in the double-homicide investigation, according to the KCSO. Kody Olsen died four days after he was seriously injured in a shootout with Pierce County deputies on Dec. 12 that began after a reported DUI traffic stop. Two deputies were injured in the shootout. One of the deputies later discovered he had been hit by the gunfire, but the bullet struck the handcuffs on his belt and was stopped. Washington state records show Riley had a criminal history dating back to 1993 involving charges such as driving with a suspended license, assault and theft. Records also show Williams had a criminal history with numerous charges, including theft and prostitution. Prosecutors say Jones, Gerner and Olsen were all documented as being members of white-supremacist prison gangs in Washington state. “Based on information provided by the DOC Security Threat Group, I learned that Gerner is the founder of the Omerta White Supremacist Prison Gang and that Joshua Jones is a documented member of the Omerta White Supremacist Prison Gang,” charging documents say. “I was also aware that Olsen is a documented ‘Nazi Low Rider’ gang member and an associate of the Omerta White Supremacist Prison Gang.”

via komonews: White-supremacist gang members charged with double murder, dumping bodies in Maple Valley

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