“These groups are being given a greenlight by people in suits,” State Rep. Justin Jones told The Daily Beast. About two dozen neo-Nazis marched through Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday, chanting and wielding giant swastika flags while spewing hatred at a man who trailed and recorded them, calling them cowards for disguising their identities with masks. “What are you ashamed of?” the heckler, Ruwan Karu, shouted in an interaction that he shared on Twitter/X, adding, “Show me your fucking faces!” “You don’t belong here,” one of the extremists replied. “Go to your third-world country!” The white supremacists, dressed in red shirts and apparently part of the “Blood Tribe” fascist group, chose Black History Month to trek past a row of downtown restaurants and retail stores.

via daily beast: Neo-Nazis March Through Downtown Nashville in the Middle of Black History Month