With an XL Bully-style mascot, this foreign gang is known for extreme violence. A VICIOUS Nazi and bulldog-inspired motorbike gang has set up shop in the UK. The Mongrel Mob has around 2,500 members and is known for gang warfare, organised crime, and sexual violence in its home country of New Zealand. The Sun can reveal the gang also has a chapter in Gloucester. Known as the ‘Riders’, the Gloucester chapter uses the same offensive symbols as their Nazi-inspired Kiwi forebears. Mongrel Mob members salute by shouting the Nazi salute – ‘Sieg Heil’ or ‘Sieg f* Heil’, and pull the ‘shaka’ sign with their thumb and pinkie finger. Some members even tattoo their faces with the swastika or words, like ‘Mighty Mongrel Mob’ or ‘Notorious’. (…) He said the Mongrel Mob follow an ideology known as ‘mongrelism’ characterised by “lawlessness and extreme anti-social behaviour”.  The Nazi iconography is “a calculated ‘f*** you’ to society”, he said. “There have been a lot of gang-related murders committed by the [New Zealand] Mongrel Mob in recent years. “Some members of the [New Zealand] Mongrel Mob are also heavily involved in organised crime, particularly the manufacture and supply of methamphetamine.” Savage said he wasn’t surprised to hear that a chapter had spread to the UK, as other chapters had been found in Australia and Fiji in recent years.

via sun: EVIL EXPORT Notorious international gang using Nazi swastikas with shocking history of brutal violence ‘sets up UK chapter’