Smith accuses some TDs of echoing far-right, while Ceann Comhairle says her claims diminish ‘appalling nature’ of Nazism. There are echoes of “Nazi supporters’ lies” regarding refugees from Rural Independent and other TDs in the Dáil, People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith has claimed. Speaking in the Dáil on Wednesday, Ms Smith said the Government’s failure on housing had led to anger from ordinary people while the far-right, who she described as “Nazi supporters”, were whipping up lies and wanted to blame refugees and people of colour. “We have echoes of those Nazi supporter’s lies in this chamber and those echoes, which come from Rural Independents and others across this House, which blame refugees for the problems that we have, actually do make a difference to how people think,” she said during Leaders’ Questions. The Dublin South Central TD also called on Government parties to “rein in” their local councillors who were passing motions to refuse to deal with the Department of Integration regarding housing refugees.

via irish times: Echoes of ‘Nazi supporters’ lies’ about refugees from members of Rural Independent group, TD claims in Dáil Bríd

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