The family car of a notorious neo-Nazi was firebombed in a Christmas Eve attack. Tim Lutze, who is a member of the National Socialist Network, shared images of his wife’s blue Holden Commodore being consumed in a fireball outside his Werribee home in Melbourne’s west. ‘Last night, left-wing terrorists firebombed my pregnant wife’s car while I was sleeping in the middle of the night,’ he said in a video. ‘(They) threw Molotov cocktails, other ones were found in the front yard. ‘My children were sleeping inside at the time, we were woken up by it, the neighbours came running out in the street, and they (the offenders) basically just ran off into the night.’ (…) Mr Lutze was listed as a business director of a Sunshine West gym that has hosted far-right meetings of neo-Nazis with photographs showing the interior walls decorated with swastikas and other far-right iconography. The gym’s business number was cancelled in May, meaning it is no longer a legitimate commercial entity for taxation purposes.  Mr Lutze has been pictured performing the Nazi salute, now illegal in Victoria, and has been photographed attendeding several of the far-right rallies. The most recent public demonstration in early December saw around 30 masked and black-clad men march down the main street of the Victorian regional city of Ballarat 115km north west of Melbourne.

via daily mail: Prominent neo-Nazi Tim Lutze has his family car firebombed on Christmas Eve