Questions are being asked of Suella Braverman, after one of Europe’s most infamous Neo-Nazis was granted access to the UK by Tom Head 2023-09-17 16:02 in News Photo: Twitter FacebookTwitterLinkedinEmailWhatsapp Suella Braverman may be comfortable taking a hardline stance against refugees and asylum seekers, but the Home Secretary has been lamented by anti-fascist groups this week, after a notorious Neo-Nazi was allowed to enter into the UK. Who is Isabel Peralta? Isabel Peralta is an extreme-right campaigner from Spain. Her views are so unpalatable, she has been banned from entering Germany. Her reputation certainly precedes her. However, it seems she was able to attend a pro-fascism gathering in Preston. Unverified reports claim that she was initially held-up by the UK Border Force, before she was allowed through the gates. Critics are now pressing Suella Braverman for an explanation, given the high-profile attached to Peralta. Suella Braverman lambasted after notorious Neo-Nazi crosses British borders Searchlight Magazine, a publication committed to exposing figures on the far-right, reported on Friday that she was invited to speak at the Lancashire event by Heritage and Destiny – a well-known organisation run by Neo-Nazis. They are livid with the Home Secretary. “Suella Braverman has some explaining to do. Last weekend a notorious Spanish neo-nazi, Isabel Peralta, was allowed into the UK to speak at a Nazi gathering in Preston. She is banned from entering Germany because of her extreme views.” “She was allowed enter the UK to address the annual gathering organised by the neo-Nazi magazine and website, Heritage and Destiny. If she is too extreme for Germany, why was she allowed to enter the UK? Over to you, Suella Braverman.” | Searchlight Magazine

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