Nothing could be regarded as fair concerning the dreadful event. The number of the attackers was five, while the Moroccan man was on his own, waiting for the tram at night in Budapest’s downtown. Nobody helped him, and he could barely escape from the group of extremists. According to, the appalling event took place in 2020, but the prosecutors raised charges against the Hungarian skinheads now. The only reason for the attack and the beating was the skin colour of the Moroccan man. The victim waited for tram nr 1 at the Róbert Károly körút/Reitter Ferenc utca Station when the group of extremists began to assault him. One of them asked for a cigarette and quizzed the victim whether he could speak Hungarian. The 27-year-old drunk man wanted to provoke the Moroccan, who tried to avoid the conflict and steer clear of them. But the group did not let him. Three of them followed the foreigner and shouted at him to go back to his country. The only female member of the group held drum stickers in her hands and raised them violently against the Moroccan man. Members of the group continuously followed the defenceless victim, trying to hit or kick him. When he attempted to flee them, two attackers ran after him while their buddies followed them behind. The Moroccan man tried to run across the street, but traffic was too heavy. He was nearly hit by a car. His attackers caught him, brought him twice to the ground, and hit him everywhere they could. Finally, he was able to escape but he suffered injuries healing in eight days.

via dailynewshungary: VIDEO: Hungarian skinheads beat Moroccan man in Budapest due to his skin colour

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