Russian forces are accused of using electric shocks and sexual violence against civilians in the city of Kherson during an 8-month occupation. HH By Hind Hassan February 3, 2023, 4:05pm Share Tweet Snap ALL PHOTOS: HIND HASSAN KHERSON, Ukraine – When Ukrainian troops entered Kherson city in November last year they were greeted by crowds of cheering people, who couldn’t quite believe that the 8-month Russian occupation of the city was over. The port city, in the south of the country, was the first – and only – regional capital to fully fall to the Russians when they invaded in February. Its recapture was a huge humiliation for Russian President Vladimir Putin, and sparked joyous scenes in a rare moment of celebration in Ukraine since the invasion. “(…) We were given access to a dilapidated building in the city that Ukrainian authorities say was one of several used as a makeshift torture chamber by the Russians, to terrorise civilians and resistance fighters, men and women. There are allegations of rape, the use of electric shocks, and psychological torture. The city of Kherson is in Ukrainian hands again, but the Russian graffiti scrawled across these walls is an ever-present reminder that the battle for the city, and Ukraine, goes on.

via vice: This Is What It’s Like Inside An Abandoned Russian ‘Torture Chamber’ in Ukraine

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