A right-wing activist in Maine who is being sued by local school department for allegedly harassing a teacher has retained the legal services of an attorney notorious for representing neo-Nazis. The Bangor Daily News reports that conservative activist Shawn McBreairty is being sued by the Hermon School Department for allegedly directing a harassment campaign against a teacher whom he has accused of being a “sexual predator” who is “head of the hypersexualization movement” in the school. To combat the lawsuit, McBreairty has hired attorney Marc Randazza, who in the past has represented far-right figures including InfoWars founder Alex Jones, and Andrew Anglin, the publisher of the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer. Randazza isn’t only notorious for defending controversial clients, however, as the Bangor Daily News notes that he has either investigated or disciplined for misconduct in four different states.

via rawstory: Right-wing activist who led crusade against local teacher for ‘grooming’ kids hires notorious Nazi-representing lawyer