Over the weekend, the white nationalist group gathered in Franklin to whine about Juneteenth. The white nationalist group “White Lives Matter” protested Juneteenth down in Franklin on Saturday. They’re worried about some form of The Great Replacement, which is a racist theory that someone — usually the Jews (said in your most conspiracy theory-ist voice) — is using immigration, the awesomeness of being gay and/or trans, and efforts to get cops to stop killing people, etc., to reduce the number of white people in America. According to this theory, minorities will replace white people as the dominant ethnicity — as if “non-white” is an ethnicity — and then I guess treat us white people how we’ve historically treated them. To understand the level of whiny-baby we’re talking about here, in the richest suburb in Tennessee — in a county that, according to census.gov, is 88 percent white — some Black people held a celebration commemorating the end of slavery, and white guys had to rush in to make sure everyone remembered that they matter too. Jesus. I could go into all the ways that “white” is a construct that has expanded to include more ethnicities over the centuries in order to ensure white hegemony. I could launch into a diatribe about how acknowledging and celebrating Black accomplishments isn’t diminishing white power. But people have been doing that shit for years — centuries, even. So I’m going to tell these white nationalists the truth: The root of all your problems is that you suck.

via nashvillescene: ‘White Lives Matter’ Continues the White Supremacist Tradition of Being Bored Losers

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